Wooden Gazebos – A Checklist for a long lasting installation.

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Installation Checklist for your Wooden Gazebos

Wooden Gazebos are an asset to the grounds of many schools and gardens.  We list below the features to look out for to ensure that the structure you buy, is one you can be proud of.

1.       Most importantly – Do not purchase a wooden gazebo that is concreted into the ground.

This may sound like a traditional install, but most posts rot at ground level and this can happen in just a few short years.  To guarantee a long life for your gazebo, you need to ensure that there is a no ground contact installation system.  Cabinco Structures recommend using a thick rubber dpc between the post and the concrete pad that posts are fixed to.  Alternatively galvanised metal post shoes can also be used.

2.       Use laminated timber – Its stronger and less likely to crack.

Laminated timber is stronger and less likely to suffer cracks and openings in the wood than solid posts.  Laminated timber is factory engineered and given a planed and pencil rounded finish during processing.  This is better for safety as well as strength and should be sought for all wooden gazebos.

3.       Planed timbers – smoother and safer

Timbers which have been machine planed are smoother and better finished than any hand sawn option.  This reduces the risk of splinters substantially and is essential for a gazebo in any public spaces.

4.       Guarantee – Treated timbers.

Pressure impregnated timbers are offered with the security of a guarantee against rot or decay.  We guarantee our wooden gazebos for 10 years and expect them to last substantially longer.   We can make this guarantee because the timber  treatment soaks further in for a longer lasting protection.  This provides peace of mind to the purchasing team that this product will last.   Other treatments such as dip treatment or spray/paint on home treatments need to be applied on a regular basis – often annually.  This can be expensive and time consuming and never soak further into the wood than the very surface.

5.       Fully watertight roof

Ensure that your new shelter will provide proper protection from the rain.  A high quality roofing finish such as KatepalUK tile which has a manufacturers 15 year warranty.  Beware of thin felt roof coverings as they do not have the same lifespan and can require replacement after a couple of years.

6.       Large Overhang – protection against rain.

We go into more detail on this article, but the bigger the roof overhang, the more protection you will get inside the gazebo from any driving rain.  Keeping the occupants dry in the worst of the weather.

7.       Flexibility of Design

In our experience our clients have different purposes for their wooden gazebos, so to make sure the structure fulfils your requirements exactly, it is likely that you will need some variations to the shelter.  We offer a wide range including chalkboard, waterproof covers, tables, planters, storyteller chair, storage etc.

The list goes on, and we are always happy to consider adding something new to the list.  Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to supply.

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