Timber Gazebos – Why is it important you dont concrete in posts?

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wooden gazebo post bolted to concrete slab

Timber Gazebos - Why dont you concrete in the gazebo posts?

Our timber gazebo posts are bolted to concrete pads using heavy duty galvanised angle brackets.  This is to increase the lifespan of the gazebo and reduce the risk of timbers rotting.  This system enables us to offer you a full 10 year guarantee against any timber decay.

Wood decay is caused by fungal growth feeding on the wood (food). For this to occur then the fungus needs four factors Wood (food) air, the correct temperature, and water.  If you take one away then it cannot survive.

You will probably have observed that most fence posts rot at ground level this is because the conditions are ideal with all four of the above factors being present.  Below ground there is no air, whereas above ground (depending on the location) the timber may be too dry, due to the action of the sun and the wind, to sustain fungal growth.

There are of course timber treatments that can to an extent negate this effect.  Cabinco Structures pressure impregnate all timber gazebos for this very purpose.  However, if you can eliminate or partially eliminate one of the factors contributing to fungal decay, then the service life of the timber will be greatly enhanced.

For this reason we never concrete timber in to the ground preferring to site the posts on to a proprietry damp proofing which will block any moisture rising through the ground or surrounding the posts and attach the posts to the ground using heavy duty galvanised brackets (if appropriate)

This way we ensure that your timber gazebos have a long lifespan and leave you as happy with your selection 10 years after installation as you were when it was first installed.

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