Outdoor Bar Gazebo

Create a outdoor service space for Summer Events

Outdoor Bar

This cosy little room is an outdoor bar perfect for events or parties of just for the fun of it.  It creates a range of opportunities for hotels and pubs or even holiday sites to be able to serve snacks or drinks at an addtional location during functions weddings or corporate parties and events.  Maximising on any opportunities to keep queues short and paying customers happy.

We offer a range of structures that could be used as an outdoor bar including our most popular Octagonal range.

The large octagonal structure comes in a range of sizes from the smallest 3m Hexagonal to the 6m octagonal and has a fully watertight roof to protect the stock and staff inside.  There are a range of options to weather proof the sides depending on if you want a temporary (removable) solution or something more permanent.  Our outdoor Bar offers a great use for the ever popular Octagonal Gazebo.

These structures are also suitable for Wedding gazebos as they are easily dressed up in the brides choice of flowers or balloons.  They are therefore multipurpos, an outdoor bar one weekend, wedding gazebo the next and simply a garden shelter for the guests to enjoy a sheltered spot when it isnt in use.

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Wedding Gazebo - A lovely addtion to your grounds.

Perfect for weddings or outdoor bars and parties – our popular gazebo range.