Timber Structures – Why has my timber gone grey?

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Timber Structures - Why has my timber gone grey

All external timber structures whether constructed of the highest quality mahogany or the cheapest of pallet wood will eventually turn grey.
This is due to rain/ultra violet degradation (bleaching) and wind.  Some timbers turn grey more majestically than others. For example Cedar will go from red to grey with little discolouring inbetween whereas larch tends to go a dirty blue/black colour before eventually also going grey.
What may be observed in many cases is where the sun has not reached that the colour still remains – or greys slower.  This greying process is not detrimental to the timber structure and does not affect its lifespan.  For some people they prefer the grey colour on the timber structures, others prefer to use a treatment to colour it.
This greying process can be negated by the application of paints and stains.  The darker the colour the more protection it will afford (more pigmentation).
It has been observed that other chemicals can have a slowing down effect such as timber treatments/preservatives.  Cabinco Structures use a green pressure impregnation against rot which can also slow the greying process.

So if your timber structures have gone grey, it is due to entirely natural reasons and it will not reduce its lifespan.