Timber Shop for Lotherton Zoo

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Timber Shop as Retail Unit in Lotherton Hall

Cabinco Structures were delighted to be asked to design a timber shop to be built in the zoo area at Lotherton Hall.  We were asked to provide a design idea for an open area which would look both offer viewing areas to see the animal pens outside and also a walk through retail outlet for a range of concessions.  The image to the side is our proposal and the images below map out the construction process.


Screw Pile Foundations

Ground conditions dictated that screw pile foundations were used to create the base from which the building was constructed.  Screw piles have many advantages, they are precision installed rapidly creating the points for construction to begin.  These steel posts can also be easily removed and recycled - many many years into the future, when the building is no longer required.

Steel and Timber Base Frame

Carefully engineered off-site to speed up construction, this base frame shows the start of the 10 sided building which is to follow.   The construction begins with SIPS panels to create the walls and then the rafters which make up the roof frame itself.



SIPS Construction

The SIPS (structural insulated panels) are rapidly erected and the timber roof created.  A roof opening is visible as we have created the location of the glass dome which tops off the structure.  This will provide additional light to the interior of the shop as well as provide an eye-catching feature to identify the building from the exterior.