Timber Shelters – Why should I ask for Laminated timber posts?

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Timber Shelters - Why should I ask for Laminated Timber Posts

One of the problems of some timbers shelters suffer, is that timber used outdoors can suffer splitting caused by the drying out of the timber in the sun.  However this can be overcome.  Splits and Shakes are caused by the unequal heat applied by the movement of the sun.  This causes the timber to dry out and shrink on whichever side the heat is applied.  Where the core of the timber may still be saturated this then causes an effect, which is akin to tightening a skin around a oversized drum.  Eventually, this will result with the skin or in this case the outer surface of the wood splitting.

This problem is particularly visible in solid round posts, this is used in some timber shelters construction and can cause a wide range of problems.  Although the splitting of the wood itself may not have any immediate structural issues, it can be a place for little fingers to find their way into cracks and crevices or more importantly allow insects to burrow or fungi to thrive where the split has breached the protective layer of treatment.  This can reduce the timbers lifespan.

For this reason we use only pressure impregnated laminated timbers for our upright posts and never concrete them in to the ground where there is a constant source of moisture.  We offer a range of designs including Octagonal Gazebo, Square Shelter, Large Shelter and Curved Canopy.

Whichever design of Timber Shelters you are considering, ensure that you not only have a 10 year guarantee, but also a structure manufactured with laminated timber posts to ensure that you do not have this problem.