Eco Classroom – sustainable standalone buildings

The Eco Classroom - a lesson in sustainability.

If you are looking to create a building which demonstrates the practical aspect of sustainability – look no further.  Our Eco Classroom offers;

  • Sustainability in Design
  • Sustainability in Construction
  • Sustainabilty in Purpose

Our Structural Insulated Panel (SIPS) form of timber construction gives us the opportunity to bring highly sustainable buildings to you at an affordable price.

Sustainable Design

Our Eco Classrooms are all individually designed to ensure that you have the building that is right for you.  Not a best fit, but exactly what you and your project requires.  This means we can position windows and any roof lights and orientate the building to make best use of natural sunlight.  This is not just to ensure the best view, but to help you manage the energy required to heat / light your new building.  Keeping all ongoing costs as low as we can.

We will ensure that the building is well insulated and achieves a high air tightness to further manage energy usage.  There is a large proportion of timber used in the construction of the eco classroom and this is the only proven, natual and renewable construction material.

Sustainable Construction

How is SIPS construction more sustainable than a traditional build system?

Off site manufacture ensures;

  • Rapid on Site Construction / lower labour costs
  • Reduced site machinery / traffic means reduced site noise / dust
  • Improved accuracy and quality control of factory manufacture
  • Improved air tightness of building
  • Greatly reduced site waste

If sustainability is important to you and your school – then the Eco Classroom offers a flexible and cost effective means of construction.

Sustainabliity in Purpose

Our Eco Classroom has been designed and constructed with sustainability at the fore.  How does this affect its ongoing useage and maintenance costs?

The high insulation and air tightness of the building will ensure that you use less energy to heat/light the building.  This will reduce your running costs.

The timbers chosen for the external cladding will be naturally low maintenance.  They will weather down as they are exposed to the suns rays till they become a silver grey colour.  There is no need to apply any colour or preservative coating to the timbers they will still last a very long time.  Around 30 yrs for Thermowood and 60 + years for Siberian Larch or Western Red Cedar.  Which is an exceptionally long maintenance period.

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