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Outdoor Classroom with Planters for Muirkirk School

If you are looking to build a school gazebo with planters, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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Project Info - School Gazebo with Planters

This gorgeous school gazebo with planters was arranged through a third part for a school in Muirkirk.  They wanted the Octagonal Classroom with some additional decoration so this pretty little arbour was added to the entrance way and planters created for them to fill all around the outside of the structure.

The school have all the usual benefits of our standard Octagonal Gazebo  but the addition of these pretty features.  The school can still seat a full class of pupils on the sturdy fixed benches, and benefit from the wide overhangs that protect from rain.  However this school gazebo with planters allows them to grow flowers or fruit and vegetables all around the structure.

We are sure that this school with have many uses for this lovely structure.

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