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Outdoor Classroom Sussex

Eco Classroom for Hartpury College, Gloucester

If you are looking to build something similar, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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Outdoor Classroom Sussex

Outdoor classroom sussex

We were in contact with the PTA raising funds for this project for some months as they went through the process of selecting a suitable design/installation team, raising funds and finally placing an order.  However, the speed of the installation was far more rapid.

We were able to offer the school a cancellation at just one weeks notice.  Naturally, they could have postponed this if they wanted to, but as their site was compacted, flat and had good accessibility – there really was no need.  So our team arrived at 8am on the Monday and by Tuesday lunchtime the installation was completed.

The final gazebo – as shown in the photographs, was our 5m Octagonal design with bitumen shingle roofing, baseframe and internal decking area, plus infil boarding aroud the exterior of the balustrade.  This infil boarding provided additional weather protection for pupils on wet or windy days.

The sussex school were so delighted with their outdoor classroom, they gave us a great testimonial.  If you are looking for something similar, dont hesitiate – just pick up the phone and call us for details. 01600 719218