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Wiltshire Gazebo

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Octagonal Wooden Gazebo - Wiltshire

We were delighted to install this popular Octagaonal Wooden Gazebo for a Wildlife organisation in Wiltshire.  They selected our pressure impregnated wooden baseframe and internal deck for the Shelter to ensure that there was always a dry interior flooring.  The gazebo was installed onto a wooded area, so this was important.  The standard bitumen shingle roof was perfect for the location as it is a high quality durable product with a manufacturers 15 yr warranty.

As with all our standard models this shelter also has fixed benching to 7 sides and an open balustrade.

Almost as soon as the gazebo was installed we heard back from the Parish Council where it was installed confirming how pleased they were.  They also had a list of activities planned for the shelter – including outdoor yoga!

We are sure that there will be many years of community activies focused around the gazebo.  With our 10 year guarantee – they have no worries about the structure, they just need to keep the diary busy.

Octagonal Wooden Gazebo in Wiltshire