8m Diameter Gazebo for a Greener Burial site.

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Very Large Gazebo for Natural Burial Ground Site

If you are looking to build an 8m Diameter Gazebo, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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8m Diameter Gazebo for Natural Burial Ground

This 8m Diameter Gazebo has a very special purpose.   It is installed into the Natural Burial Ground in Martley and will be used as a gathering place for relatives.  A place to meet as they say goodbye to loved ones who have opted for a greener burial.

As the site develops and becomes a wildlife haven of flowers and trees, the gazebo will serve as a contemplative seating area as well.

The structure is identical to our other Octagonal gazebos in all but diameter.  At 8m diameter there is ample space for seating friends and family.  Guests can sit on its fixed benches or stand within.  The base is a reinforced concrete pad supplied by the client.  This type of base is preferred in this situation as it ensures level access.  Thereby providing a dignified entry / exit to the catafalque and also  for mourners.

A similar 7m structure has been installed at another natural burial site – if you would like further details, please call us on 01600 719218

8m Diameter Octagaonal Gazebo