Benefits of Using Thermowood on your Camping Pod

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Make sure you have the right timber for your Camping Pod.

Why Choose Thermowood?

Timber as a construction material has been used for many thousands of years and is still the most natural and renewable construction material available.  However, when dealing with timber you need to understand your product as using the wrong species for the wrong purpose can result in problems such as decay and shrinkage.  These problems will reduce the timbers lifespan of your camping pod so need to be avoided.

Timbers with Natural Durability;

There are timbers well suited to cladding such as Western Red Cedar, Oak and Siberian Larch – however, these can be expensive.  We have used these timbers extensively on large timber buildings, but they could be cost prohibitive to the camping pod.  They also do not have the same dimensional stability as Thermowood.

Pressure Treatment of Cladding Materials

Other timbers can be pressure treated to reduce the risk of rot, however treatment has to be applied after manufacture and this can result in timbers swelling and joints not fitting together or separating and creating gaps after installation.   These gaps open opportunity for decay or damp within the camping pod which can mean more maintenance or risking permanent damage.

How can Thermowood® overcome these problems?

Thermowood is a unique treatment process which does not contain any chemicals, nor does it require any ongoing maintenance treatment.  The timber is heated to temperatures between 190 degrees up to 212 degrees depending on the final use.  This treatment process imparts greater dimensional stability and also destroys much of the food that fungi live on, thereby reducing the risk of rot. The final result gives the timber excellent properties for outdoor use, such as cladding, and gives it up to a 30 year service life (non ground contact).

Thermowood is a natural and renewable resource for construction, but has greater stability and resistance to rot making it a far more dependable product.  This is now ideal for cladding buildings as it is lower cost than some of the traditional cladding timbers, but has comparable longevity and greater stability than other timbers / timber products.

By selecting your camping pod with Thermowood® cladding you ensure a long lifespan for the pods and less maintenance time and cost to you.