Sensory Garden Ideas – Planning for the sense of Smell

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sensory garden orange blossom

Sensory garden ideas - Scent

With a little planning, you can plant delights for all the senses in your sensory garden.  Use your wooden gazebo as the central point to sit and enjoy everything your sensory garden offers.  We suggest you consider onse sense at a time.  Whilst many will overlap, you can at least be sure you have prepared something for all the senses.

Lets start with the sense of Scent/Smell

The focal point you choose should be a place where visitors can sit and enjoy the garden.  This place should be shaded from sun/rain, with seats and space for wheelchairs.  Our gazebo range is ideal for this purpose and immediately appeals to senses of sight, touch and smell.

All wooden structures bring the lovely smell of clean fresh wood.  What a great aroma to start your sensory garden off with.  What a great natrual structure to build your garden around.

Plants for Scent

Philadelphus ‘Virginal’.  Mock orange  – a gorgeous white blossom shrub that requires little care and fills the air with its heavy scent in June and July every year.  Planted near one of the uprights, this shrub will rapidly grow to a height where the boughs of scent laden flowers will fill the gazebo.  The white flowers against the dark green providing a stark visual contrast.

Lathyrus odoratus.  Sweet Pea – an easy to grow annual that gardening beginners can start from seeds.  Just water and watch while they grow up a balustrade from the planter outside.  The Sweet Pea will provide lots of lovely colour and a sweet perfume.

Lavandula.  Lavender – A well known and easy herb that provides a popular scent.  Great for touch as well as smell and the flowers can be harvested to use in the class / home.   Use those flower heads to create little bags of lavender to go in a draw or under a pillow.  Research has confirmed that lavender scent produces slight calming, soothing, and sedative effects when it is inhaled.

The best smell of all though is the newly mown lawn.  So make sure you have left space for the grass to be enjoyed.

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