Sensory Garden for Dementia – Suggestions to help you plan

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sensory garden for dementia

Sensory Garden for Dementia

Planning a sensory garden for dementia can provide huge benefits to the users as our senses can trigger many happy memories and feelings of well being.  In the same way the smell of newly mown grass makes us happy and relaxed amid our busy lives today.  So can the sensory stimulation of a well planned garden give contentment to people left confused by their dementia.

A good focal point is essential.  By providing a highly visible and easily accessible structure which provides a resting place you create a natural purpose and direction to the users walk.  Our strong commercial gazebos are ideal for this as they contain wide benches to provide a stable and comfortable seat whilst allowing unobstructed views of the garden.  Through ways can be created to help provide a natural direction.

Careful Planting

It is a good idea for your garden should include some traditional scented plants, there are some suggestions on “planning your sensory garden“.  The sense of smell is very powerful and can trigger many happy associations.  This makes it an easy sense to appeal to in your dementia garden.

By choosing bold, clear, blooms in contrasting colours you can make the plants more “visible”.  Selecting traditional plants popular with thier generation is also useful.  There can be much pride taken in talking about the different varieties seen.   Creating feelings of familiarity is important when planning a sensory garden for dementia.

Plant to attract the birds.  Provision of berry shrubs such as Whitebeam, Pyracantha or Elder will encourage the garden birds and ensure that there is always a happy chirrup to hear in the sensory garden.

Plan a Route in the garden.

Level pathways with clear boundaries will help create a natural direction around your sensory garden.  This will help users to enjoy the whole garden and benefit from all the sights, smells and sounds your have provided.

Additional weather protection can be offered with the use of perspex panels.  Panels are available clear or in a range of colours.  The panels provide protection from the cold and allow more frequent enjoyment of the garden.

We are always happy to create bespoke shelters to ensure you get the gazebo which will most benefit your garden.  Just call us on 01600 719218 to discuss  your plans.