Reflective Spaces

Reflective Spaces

Does your school provide quiet areas within the premises or grounds to enable student reflection and consideration? An essential tool for wellbeing, this may be a space for personal reflection and adjustment or a space for group discussion and participation. Whilst the teacher will organise the activity to take place, the school needs to ensure that there are suitable spaces for such activities.
Cabinco Structures provide outdoor classrooms and gazebos or shelters to the education sector and these can offer a suitable environment for your Reflective Space.

Personal Reflective Spaces

This can be as simple as a sturdy wooden garden bench positioned slightly to the side of the main play area. Ideal for quiet time within sight of the supervised play area and also suitable to encourage friendship and conversation.

Group Reflective Spaces

The Cabinco Outdoor Classroom range is ideal for this as each shelter is designed to hold a class of children. Fixed benching in a circular format is provided to ensure each student has equal opportunity to take part in any discussion. The Gazebo range all have a fully watertight roof so that the planned lesson can continue in all weathers.
Alternatively, if the outdoor teaching area is to be set up in an area already shaded, our Storyteller chair and sleeper benches can provide a low cost solution for a group reflective space. The large Storyteller chair set out with the sleeper benches.