Wooden Sandpit

Wooden Sandpit

This wooden sandpit has been designed to ensure that their is plenty of space for children to share and enjoy this timeless resource together.  At 2m long and 1m wide, up to 12 children can easily play at the same time.  The strong timber structure is lined to hold the play sand and covered with a decked section to protect the pit from use between play sessions.

It has a built in timber cover which easily slides off ready for use and makes this sandpit ideal to be used as an additional outdoor table.

Storyteller Chair

Once upon a time…….

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Pencil Decoration

These brightly coloured wooden pencils are used to infil the sides of the gazebo to both add some weather proofing and personalise your outdoor classroom all at the same time.

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Outdoor Blackboard

This large blackboard will fill a whole 2m wide panel on your gazebo and act as a teaching aid for your outdoor lessons.

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Round Picnic Table

This round picnic table will seat up to 8 people and can be flat packed for easy storage.

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