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Bug Hotel - Inspire a future Naturalist

Inspire the future naturalist in your class but installing a 5 Star Bug Hotel in the school grounds.

A bug hotel will provide a great outdoor teaching resource as you encourage your groups to find the natural habitat of various mini beasts and fill the bug hotel.  This can be pine cones, dead leaves, peices of bark, short sticks or stones and ideally some drilled wood or tubes for the solitary bees as well.

Shortly after you can go back and see what types of beasts have taken up residence.  Teaching your future naturalists which bug is which and what materials they like to live in and feed off.

You probably wont find a bug quite as large as the one on this picture – but it will be fun trying!

Details of our 5 Star Bug Hotel will be published soon. If you would like details now, please call us on 01600 719218.

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