Parent Waiting Area

Square Gazebo - Parent Wainting Area

Parent Waiting Area

A Parent Waiting Area is needed every morning and every afternoon schools around the UK  manage large numbers of parents at the school gates.  The area becomes busy with chatting parents either dropping off or waiting for their children to come out of school. Many schools find this creates a difficulty as so many people are gathered around a small school entrance making entering and leaving the premises harder at a time when it is at its busiest.

By creating a Parent Waiting area you ensure that there is more control over where parents are waiting. Use of the parent area is encouraged by creating a more practical, comfortable location. In turn this ensures that any stress caused by waiting is also reduced and allows more controlled and organised collection times.

You also have a great place to post messages and remind parents of up coming events  or the need to check the lost and found bin again.  The area also gives potential for encouraging walking and cycling groups and reducing vehicle traffic to the school.

Cabinco Structures offer a range of shelters ideal for parent waiting areas and can also double up as suitable for outdoor classrooms or lunchtime shelters.
All our shelters have fully watertight roofing so that the shelters offer all weather protection and fixed benching with proper 420mm wide seating so that they are suitable for adults as well as children. Thereby giving flexibility of use and creating a multi purpose shelter not just a parent waiting area.

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