Fully Enclosed Gazebo – Suitable for any weather.

Beat the British Weather with our Enclosed Gazebo

Our Enclosed Gazebo has all the features of our standard gazebo models, but with full weather protection.

It is available with either toughened glass or perspex windows/panels.  Ask us to install a lockable door and you have a completely secure outdoor classroom.

Inside the Gazebo has the fixed benches, so there is plenty of seating room.  The large glazed/perspex panels ensure that there is no loss of light inside.  We can even provide these vision panels in colourful perspex to brighten everyones day.

Specification – Enclosed Gazebo

The specification for the main structure is the same as our standard gazebo range.  The following additions will make the structure – whether Octagonal , Square or rectangular – a fully enclosed unit.

  • Gazebo of your choice
  • Toughened glass or perspex panels
  • Lockable treated softwood door
  • Infil boarding
  • Interior deck as finished floor

With this fully weather proof structure, there is no need to check the weather before planning lessons.  No need to cancel lessons when it gets a bit windy or wet outside.  Simply enjoy a change of scene in this classroom outside the classroom.

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