Curved Glulam Canopy

Cabinco Structures use Curved Glulam timbers to achieve these rounded structures.  These curved roof sections can add extra interest to any canopy or pergola.  Glulam timbers are capable of a wide range of spans so there is greater flexibility over shape and size.

Glulam timbers are manufactured to retain the best aesthetic qualities of the natural timber, but also improve strength and sustainability.  The curved glulam sections are individually created at sizes to meet your exact requirements.  A range of roofing options are available including polycarbonate which allows the light through whilst still protecting from the elements.

Options of coloured polycarbonate sections are also available which can create a rainbow of light through the curved glulam canopy.  This is a lovely way to brighten up any school.

One of the benefits of this type of design is the flexibility on size.  These curved glulam structures can span larger areas without needing supporting posts.

We also have a range of accessories that can be used with these designs.  Below you can see some of the options including side panels and teaching aids.

If you are looking for a structure that is a little different, even the uprights can be curved to create a little extra interest!

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Polycarbonate Panels

Colourful Polycarbonate Panels  Colourful, fun and weatherproof.

All Weather Covers

Fabulous waterproof gazebo covers  – so you never have to change plans because of the weather.

Chalkboard / Blackboard

Blackboard – An essential resource for every school classroom.

Gazebo Tables

Sturdy timber gazebo tables  The outdoor classroom needs to be a place for work as well.

Gazebo access ramp

This simple access ramp to ensure that the gazebo is accessible to all.

Cedar Shingles Roofing option

Cedar shingles – Natural, attractive and totally renewable.