6m Octagonal Gazebo – larger sizes available

Octagonal Gazebo

Sizes 6m, 7m and 8m

This is a larger version of our most popular wooden octagonal gazebo.  The 6m model is a robust practical unit which can easily seat a full class pupils.  There are a range of options to allow you to personalise it to create the right environment for your school.  This structure can also be provided in 7m and even 8m diameters to create an area suitable for larger groups and parties.

We estimate the 6m octagonal model will seat up to 35 pupils

Standard Specification

  • Diameters of 5m, 6m, 7m or 8m
  • 115mm laminated upright posts
  • Pencil rounded detail
  • Pressure Impregated timbers – 10 year guarantee
  • Planed smooth timbers
  • High Quality Bitumen shingle roof
  • Open balustrade to three sides
  • 420mm deep fixed benches
  • Gallow Bracket detail
  • 2 -3 day installation

A wide range of accessories are available to enable you to personalise this octagonal gazebo.

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Octagonal Gazebo – perfect for your Outdoor Classroom

Find a space, and create an area where you can hold outdoor lessons and have sheltered space for an entire class (and the teachers!).

Our 6m Octagonal Gazebo will seat approximately 35 pupils on its fixed benches and there is ample standing space remaining inside.  Additional central storage /  benching creates even more seating capacity.

Larger sized gazebos including the 7m and 8m diameter structures can seat even more.

Polycarbonate Panels

Colourful Polycarbonate Panels  Colourful, fun and weatherproof.

All Weather Covers

Fabulous waterproof gazebo covers  – so you never have to change plans because of the weather.

Chalkboard / Blackboard

Blackboard – An essential resource for every school classroom.

Gazebo Tables

Sturdy timber gazebo tables  The outdoor classroom needs to be a place for work as well.

Cedar Shingles Roofing option

Cedar shingles Natural, attractive and totally renewable.

Sedum Roof

A living or Sedum roof to encourage biodiversity in your grounds.