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Create a Weatherproof Gazebo

You can ensure that your outdoor teaching facility is a fully weatherproof gazebo by installing these colourful infil panels.

Created using colourful perspex sections, these panels sit neatly inside the top opening of the gazebo to allow muted light through but completely exclude wind and rain.

Perspex is tough, doesnt shatter and can be provided clear, or  in a range of opaque or translucent colours.  Great to block out an unsightly view or simply turn your outdoor classroom into a bright and attractive place to go.

The standard roofing to all our gazebos is fully watertight, so by adding weatherproof gazebo panels such as this you can ensure your gazebo is available for use in lessons all year round.  No weather disruption.

There are a wide range of colours including clear and opal as well as red, orange, pink, yellow, blue and green.  So you can create a rainbow of light inside whilst making it a fully weatherproof gazebo.  A lockable door will complete the unit.

Alternatively look at our outdoor Pods for an option on a low cost, fully enclosed teaching area.  Small Pod or Large Pod

5m octagonal Deck

A baseframe and deck – essential if installing onto grass

All Weather Covers

Fabulous waterproof gazebo covers  – so you never have to change plans because of the weather.

Chalkboard / Blackboard

Blackboard – An essential resource for every school classroom.

Gazebo Tables

Sturdy timber gazebo tables  The outdoor classroom needs to be a place for work as well.

Oval Forest Pod

Ideal for year round weatherproof outdoor rooms.

Cedar Shingles Roofing option

Cedar shingles – Natural, attractive and totally renewable.