Access Ramp for Gazebo

Gazebo Access Ramp

Our heavy duty baseframe and deck create a small step into the gazebo of approximately 6″ in height.  We therefore offer a small access ramp to enable easier entry for pushchairs and for general accessibility.  This is an optional extra.  Alternatively, the gazebo can be installed onto an existing hard surface so that no deck is required.

The access ramp is the full 2m width of the Octagonal gazebo.  It is constructed from pressure impregnated timbers to prevent rot.  This is overlaid with an anti slip board to ensure that this does not become slippery when wet, or as it ages.

Cabinco Structures access ramp is designed specifically for our gazebo range.  Therefore it is the right height to provide smooth access into the gazebo interior. *

*assuming level ground.

Pencil Decoration

Pencil decoration to brighten up the outdoor classroom.

All Weather Covers

Fabulous all weather covers  – so you never have to change plans because of the weather.

Internal Gazebo Storage

An Octagonal storage box, which can also be used for seating area.

Gazebo Tables

Sturdy timber gazebo tables  The outdoor classroom needs to be a place for work as well.

5m octagonal Deck

A baseframe and deck – essential if installing onto grass

Cedar Shingles Roofing option

Cedar shingles  Natural, attractive and totally renewable.