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Hotel Gazebo - Why do i need one for Civil Ceremonies

Why do you need a Hotel Gazebo?  As our glorious 2018 summer rolls on, it is bound to encourage more future brides to dream of an outdoor wedding.  Hotels like yours have the advantage of offering this here in the UK.  You have the extra benefit that all their friends and family can attend.  So if you are a wedding venue and you want to keep your Brides happy – you need to get your facilities ready.  That means having a suitable venue.

There is a link to The Registra Generals Guidance on premises at the foot of this article.  However here are the key points we picked out;

What Constitutes a Suitable Venue?

2.3 “Premises are defined in the 2005 regulations as a permanently immovable structure comprising at least a room or any boat or other vessel which is permanently moored.  Any premises outside of this definition such as the open air, a tent, marquee or any other temporary structure….would not be eligible for approval”

This makes it clear that if your bride & groom want to say their vows in the gardens – you will need a permanent structure.  Somewhere bride, groom and registrar can comfortably stand for the duration of the ceremony.  Temporary garden seating is fine for the guests.  A Hotel Gazebo – suits this perfectly.  As the photos show.

It is sensible to have another approved ceremony room inside the hotel as well – in case the weather is just a bit more British than we have enjoyed in 2018.  This can all be done in the same application.

Other criteria for the premises include;

3.2 “the premises must be regularly available to the public for use and for the solemnization of marriages or the formation of civil partnerships” and “must not be religious premises (as defined in the Civil Partnership Act 2004)”

So it is a simple process to get your Wedding Venue ready to offer outdoor civil ceremonies as part of your wedding package.

In addition, you will have a great hotel gazebo in the grounds where regular guests can enjoy your grounds for all the other days in the year.

Our Cabinco Structures Hotel Gazebos are available in a range of sizes from 4m through to 8m Diameter.  There is plenty of flexibility to make the design work for your venue.  We can open the structure up by excluding balustrade and benching to several sides so that there is better visibility for guests and keep benching and balustrade on some sections to ensure that the facility has a dual purpose.  The 5m Octagonal Model (shown in image) is also big enough to use for a bar, band or string quartet during the reception or evening parties.  So the party can stay outdoors for as long as the celebrations continue.

For more information call us on 01600 719218 or click on the link below.

Wedding Gazebo Structures