Herefordshire Storyteller Chair on Display

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Storyteller Chair installed at our Herefordshire Display area

Herefordshire Storyteller Chair

We love these storyteller chairs and now have one waiting for you to sit on at our display area.

These solid wood structures are individually made and include a large seat with armrests, high back and solid timber legs.  The whole chair is treated to ensure a long lifespan and it makes an excellent addition to a school or public gardens.

Schools love to use them to create a low cost outdoor classroom and couple the chair with some large sleeper benches for the students to sit.  Instantly you have an area to enjoy the outdoors and benefit from the fresh air and opportunity for lessons or story time outside.

Hotels and parks love the chairs for their novelty and enjoy the interest generated by the single outsized chair.  There will always be someone who wants to sit on it and it may be the smallest family member that gets the privilege.

So come and see our Herefordshire Storyteller Chair and get a chance to sit on it yourself, before someone else does.

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