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Infographic showng benefits of large roof overhangs

Why Do I need a roof overhang on my Outdoor Shelter?

Gazebo Weather Protection

Ensuring that you get full gazebo weather protection from your gazebo starts with the design of the shelter.  If you want to stay dry in the rain you absolutely must look for a large roof overhang on your shelter.

Unfortunately here in the UK our rain rarely falls down in a straight line.  It is normally accompanied by some wind, so rain falls at an angle and that means water gets inside shelters that are not designed for driving rain.  So how can you ensure you have gazebo weather protection?

This simple infographic, shows three shapes, all with the same lightly driving rain.  The only difference is how much the roof overhangs the base.  This clearly shows that as the overhang gets smaller on each of the three shapes, more and more rain is coming inside the shelter.  The lucky people in the green “Cabinco Structures” gazebo are quite safe and dry.  Whilst those in the other shelters are unable to use the benches without risk of getting wet.

Cabinco Structures have always designed gazebos which offer a completely practical shelter solution – that is why we ensure our overhangs are large enough to protect against the rain.  350mm overhang is standard on our 5m gazebo, larger overhangs again on the square shelter and greater still on our chunkiest style of gazebo the Tudor Shelter.

So if you want your shelter or gazebo (to offer) weather protection – make sure you ask how large an overhang is on the roof.  It matters!