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Outdoor Classroom Ideas

There are a range of images of our past projects shown below.  Clicking on any image will direct you to a page with more information.  If you prefer to call us on 01600 719218, then the product name is written below each photograph, just call us for prices and further information.

We hope this gives you plenty of Outdoor Classroom Ideas – but if you would like something different, please just give us a call 01600 719218

5m Octagonal with cedar roof and deck

4m Square with bitumen roof and extended deck

5m octagonal with cedar roof and waterproof covers

4 x 6m with deck and bitumen roof

4 x 8m Tudor Shelter with bitumen roof and open sides

Fully enclosed 5m Octagonal with coloured infil panels and lockable door

6m Octagonal fully enclosed with opening windows and lockable door

7m Octagonal with bitumen roof installed onto concrete base

4m Octagonal with bitumen roof, deck and infil boarding

5m Octagonal gazebo with cedar roof dressed for a wedding ceremony

4m square with cedar roof and deck

4 x 6m with removable waterproof covers

4m x 8m Tudor Shelter with deck, balustrade and benching

6m octagonal with bitumen roof installed onto tarmac.  Waterproof covers fitted

5m octagonal with bitumen roof installed onto existing paving

Our blackboard is a popular addition to any outdoor classroom.  Seen here in a 6m model

4m octagonal gazebo with metal balustrade and cedar roof with dovecot detail.  Perfect for wedding venues

The popular 5m octagonal model installed in a wooded setting.

6m Octagonal with cedar roof and extended deck area

4m x 6m with clear infil panels and worktop style benching

4m x 6m with extended deck design