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school shelters with deck and weatherproof panels


Give fair thought to whether your new school shelters will offer space for the activities you want to use it for.  Ask how many it will accommodate.  Our most popular shelter is a 5m diameter Octagon.  We estimate 4 – 5 children on each of our 7 fixed benches providing 28 – 32 spaces with comfort.


Make sure the seats are big enough for everyone who will want to sit down.  A little ledge or a perch may be cheaper, but if its uncomfortable there will be wriggling and fidgeting.  And that’s just the teachers!  If you want everyones attention – make sure the seats are practical.  We are proud that our octagonal models all have 420mm deep benches.


Make sure there is capacity to seat your largest class size within the school shelters you have chosen.  You don’t have to spend out on a larger model, just ask about extra benching as an option.  We have a handy octagonal storage unit that doubles up as an extra seating.  We can also offer standalone external benches if you want extra seats outside the gazebo.  Our rectangular models are perfect for adding a couple of extra benches internally

Weather proof

What are the shelters weather proof features?  Does it have a watertight roof?  Is there an overhang to reduce the impact of wet weather? These are essential for even the most hard core outdoor sessions. For those who are in more exposed areas or wish to offer a little more protection, look for removable covers or Perspex panels.  These create a surprisingly snug environment within your school shelters.

Extra features

Personalise your school shelters so that they work for your school.  If you choose a shelter that offers a wide range of options so that you can develop your outdoor classroom into a structure that really works for your school.  Perhaps you need a large chalkboard or a storage box for your forest school equipment.  It could be some extra planters for the gardening club or a bug hotel for the science class. Cabinco Structures offer a wide range, but we are always keen to hear of anything else that you need – we will make it if we can.

Finally.  Make sure you get a GUARANTEE!

We offer a 10 year guarantee on all our treated timber elements.  Our standard bitumen shingle roof has a manufacturers warranty of 15 years.

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