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Cheap outdoor Classroom

Find a cheap outdoor classroom that can be installed for just £950 + vat.
Outdoor Classrooms are a huge benefit to teachers and pupils alike. Being outdoors reinvigorates pupils and removes some of the formality of the classroom. These sessions both encourage communication and free creativity. The popularity of these outdoor teaching sessions means schools often require additional low cost outdoor areas or seek a cheap outdoor classroom which can meet lower budgets.
A perfect solution is to combine our Storyteller chair with four sturdy sleeper benches. No installation required – just position where you want them. The sleeper benches have extra stability to enable you to safely use them without fixing to the ground. This Cheap outdoor classroom can be provided for just £950 + vat*
If your budget is tighter, but you need more seating areas. Then arrange your sleeper benches in a circular format yourself and order as many as you need. Estimating 4 – 5 pupils per 2.4m long bench – then just 6 benches will seat 24 – 30 pupils at a cost of just £475 + vat.*
By using sleeper benches instead of a full shelter, you have the flexibility to create these teaching areas in a wider range of places including under the shelter of trees for shade protection. On the playground so that there is the additional seating facility for outdoor lunches as well or even near the sports pitch so you can have seating space for team games.
All timbers are pressure treated giving you a full 10 year guarantee against rot.