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How to raise money for your School.

What are the best school fundraisers?  The days or raising funds for your school project have changed a lot in recent years.  Sponsor forms and raffle tickets, once diligently completed, often sit unused on kitchen tables around the UK.  Some successfully completed and returned, most are destined for the bin as time stretched parents put things off until tomorrow.    For PTAs this creates a dilemma, and they are seeking more creative ways continue their fundraising work.  Apart from all the social activities that PTAs arrange – what are the Best School fundraisers ?


Lottery Funding is well known about and responsible for funding many projects around the UK.  You probably already know their web address – but here it is anyway.


This covers every activity from a Trump Blimp Balloon to medical expenses.  The same method of funding can be used by schools to raise money for their projects.  The most important thing is that you can identify the intended use of the funds.  Indicate a goal or project cost and then generate some interest.  This interest is  garnered simply by informing all the parents at the school (and their friends and family) of how they make a contribution.  Many will be delighted at the time saved by sending a £10 online rather than baking a cake or manning a stall.  The trick is, if you can get them to share their participation on social media.  Then you can generate further donations from their friends and family as well.  Its quick, its easy and it suits busy families.  Make sure you put a time limit so as to create a sense of urgency too.  If you have a Facebook circle for PTA members – use it to post regular updates which helps to remind everyone to get involved.  This is a great school fundraising idea.

Many crowdfunding sites are free to use.  With a promise of zero charges to the beneficiary and a promise that even if your target is not met, them the money raised will still go to the school.  Here are just a couple that you can look at;


Many large corporations run Match funding schemes.  This promises to double the fundraising efforts of an employee by making a matched contribution.  Unfortunately tracking down a current list of companies offering these schemes is not easy – but it is well worth asking parents and carers to check if their employer runs such a scheme.  This is a really easy school fundraising idea.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Many large construction projects are given approval with a request that the developer makes a fund available to the local community.  This may be a large power generation scheme or a smaller scale housing development – it is always worth keeping an eye on large events in your area in case a fund becomes available to you.

Large corporations like Tesco have funded many a school gazebo project and always worth a check to see if your project qualifies.

There are also many smaller organisations who wish to make a difference in their community and often they contribute to funds managed by a dedicated county charity such as the two listed opposite;

There is a foundation for every county in England and a national foundation for each of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Simply search your county name with the words “community foundation”

All these options involve a bit of hard work ploughing through the application process – but can result in a great school fundraising idea.

National Funds

National funds include the Princes Trust

There is even a government webpage dedicated to helping you source funding opportunities

There is plenty to keep you busy.  Best of all, these applications can be submitted in your own time and no one needs to bake a cake!  Surely the best school fundraisers.