4m Square Gazebo for Monmouthshire School

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4m Square Gazebo for Monmouthshire School

If you are looking to build a school gazebo, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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Project Info - 2nd Gazebo for Osbaston School

When a 4m square gazebo was required for Osbaston Junior School the PTA worked hard to raise the money.  Cabinco Structures Ltd were the natural choice to approach for the work.  We had previously installed a 5m octagonal Gazebo for their infant playground which had seen a lot of use.  The juniors, being a little bit older, wanted something slightly different yet still in keeping with the existing structure.

Then during just 2 days in June, our build team erected the structure leaving the school with a gazebo ready to use just in time for the mini heatwave.  Plenty of shade for the children during playtime or lunch breaks.   Plus a lovely outdoor seating area for lessons.

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Square Gazebo for Junior Schoool