Wooden Veranda for Little Acorns in Berkshire.

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Wooden Veranda for Little Acorns, Berkshire.

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Additional Veranda for Little Acorns.

Wooden Veranda for Preschool

A new wooden veranda was constructed for this pre-school Client.  Little Acorns Nursery are a long standing customer of ours, and over the years we have constructured the original nursery building, added some additional space and various outdoor shelters.  This includes a buggy park and a covered sandpit area.

This visit was to create an additional veranda with a blue polycarbonate roofing system.  This coloured polycarbonate will help reduce unwanted solar gain in the classrooms.  The waterproof veranda also protects from the rain to encourage outdoor play whatever the weather.

The works to erect this structure was undertaken in just two days by our skilled and experienced team.  The team are fully insured and accredited to ensure that there is total confidence in their ability to do the job as instructed.

As of November 2015 the children attending the playgroup now have an additional covered play area which enables more outdoor play sessions and also helps maintain a more ambient temperature in the classrooms.

A wooden veranda with blue polycarbonate roofing system constructed in just two days.

Wooden Veranda for LIttle Acorns, Berkshire