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5m octgaonal Wooden Gazebo - Sent to the Ascension Islands!

If you are looking to build a wooden strutures – even if you need it delivered to the Ascension Islands!  Please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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5m Octagonal Wooden Gazebo

We have installed our 5m octagonal Wooden Gazebo in many schools in the UK, the odd residential site, a few hotels and wildlife parks and have even gone as far North as Glencoe in Scotland and Belfast in Northern Ireland.  However, when we were asked if we would sell to the Ascension Islands we were more than a little surprised.

Our build team were rather excited and hoped to get an exotic holiday while travelling to this remote destination which is sat in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and Angola in Africa.  But in the end the client arranged to install themselves (sorry boys!).  So our wooden gazebo and all its fittings travelled by boat alone from Bristol to Ascension Island.  The Islanders needed the gazebo and the cedar shingle roofing material as well as the specialist fittings such as the roof angle brackets and the galvanised post brackets, so all items were despatched to their shipper in Bristol.

We have just got the photos through to show what an excellent job their team did – so its good to know if any one else in the Ascension Islands wants our Wooden Gazebo we will be more than happy to arrange.

Wooden Gazebo for Ascension Islands