Waterproof Gazebo for Greater London School

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Waterproof Gazebo for Greater London School

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Weatherproof Gazebo for London School.

St Hildas Girls School approached Cabinco in search of a fully waterproof gazebo for their school grounds.  It was essential that the gazebo was fitted out with desks to enable them to use the shelter as an outdoor classroom and could be used throughout the year regardless of the weather.

Our popular 5m Octagonal shelter was ideal as it seated a full class of students on its wide benches, so we created desks to the schools particular requirements which can be pushed together to create a larger octagonal table in the centre of the shelter if required.

The large fixed wooden benches are a standard feature of our Outdoor Classrooms and will accomodate up to 32 pupils.

The waterproof sides were already on offer, we simply added an additional zipped up entranceway to make the classroom completely weatherproof.

We hope that St Hildas will have many happy years of use from this waterproof gazebo.

Waterproof Gazebo - Greater London