The Outdoor Classroom by a pond for Leeds School

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Outdoor classroom for Leeds School

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The Outdoor Classroom on by a pond in Leeds

The outdoor classroom looks gorgeous installed on this large decked area.  The school wanted the gazebo positioned around the pond to create a fully accessible outdoor area for everyone to enjoy.

We used the 5m octagonal model and installed it with a cedar shingle roof.  This really adds to the sustainable feel of the building.  We also cover these shingles on our 10 year guarantee so they are not just pretty!

As this outdoor classroom has a teaching function, we have fitted a large blackboard to the shelter which at nearly 2m x 1m in size has plenty of space for the days lessons.  The blackboard is also functional from the rear of the gazebo as well.

Finally – to offer a little extra weather protection, the balustrade is infilled with boarding to the lower half of the structure.  When you combine the benefit of this boarding with the large overhangs you find that only the most driving rain will be felt inside the gazebo.

Cabinco Structures are pleased to have completed such a lovely structure in a setting that is sure to bring pleasure the all the pupils of St Marys School.

The Outdoor Classroom in Leeds