Large Wooden Gazebo for Bristol School

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New Outdoor Classroom for Bristol School

If you are looking to build a similar large wooden gazebo for your school, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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Large Wooden Gazebo for Bristol School

We were delighted to be called to quote for this large wooden gazebo after a similar installation of ours was seen by the school.   After a quick site inspection, it was agreed that a new base could be built over an unused bit of ground to present the structure in a location where it would be of most benefit to all groups.  This also ensured that there was minimal loss of playground area.

Easy access of the playground meant that the structure would be accessible all year round without the need for new pathways.  After all – no one wants to walk across wet grass in winter, not only the muddy shoes, but the damage to the grass as well.

Cedar shingles were chosen for the roof covering as they always look good and offer an environmentally sensitive option to the usual bitumen tile.  Cedar shingles have a very long life expectancy (40 years plus) and do not require any ongoing treatment or maintenance beyond visual checks.

The structure is 5m in diameter and has fitted benches to 7 sides providing plenty of space for a full class of children (up to 32 KS2).  The large sturdy benches make the seating equally usable by parents and teachers at school events.

New photos will be added shortly as the school will be having some accessories added in a few weeks time.

Clifton High School Gazebo