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gazebo herefordshire

Display Gazebo at Walford Timber

If you are looking to build a gazebo in Herefordshire, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

Call 01600 719218 or enquire online

Herefordshire based display area

Gazebo Herefordshire

We are pleased to share these images of our new display gazebo Herefordshire.

This is a great place to call in and see the 5m octagonal gazebo which has the standard specification you can expect in our gazebo ranges.  This includes the square, rectangular and full Octagonal range – right up to the 8m diameter model.

All these have the 115mm laminated and planed uprights with pencil rounding to edges.  All have the same pressure impregnated timbers to reduce risk of rot.  All have the same 10 year guarantee.

Pay attention to these details which we think are head and shoulders above the competition though;

Benches – these planed fitted benches are 420mm wide.  Thats substantial enough for adults as well as children and will sit a full bottom – not just a perch!  This is ideal for commercial settings looking for shelter for people of all ages and all sizes.

The inner ceiling – decorative as well as functional giving an impressive T&G finish to really make the gazebo not only look good, but create a feeling of quality in every regard.

Baseframe and deck.  This heavy duty baseframe is pressure impregnated and covered with a full 10 year guarantee.  The thick decking that tops it looks good and will last for many many years.

So if you are considering buying a gazebo Herefordshire is the place to come to view our display

Display Model - 5m Octagonal with cedar roof