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Gazebo Birmingham in garden centre location

Octagonal Gazebo for Garden Centre

If you are looking to build a gazebo in Birmingham, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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5m octagonal Gazebo for Birmingham Garden Centre

Gazebo Birmingham

We love these images of the recently installed Birmingham gazebo.  This is a garden centre location and they created a paviour base where the gazebo was to be installed.  The 5m Octagonal Shelter creates a lovely place for shoppers to sit in the shade and rest while shopping.

Positioned amongst the plants and shrubs on offer at the garden centre this gazebo in birmingham  really does look lovely.

The wide benches are big enough for adults and the walk through style enables shoppers to access the seats from either side.

We are sure that there will be lots of shoppers pleased that this gazebo in Birmingham garden centre was installed.

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