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Forest School Gazebo for Hampshire School

If you are looking to build a similar outdoor classroom for your forest school, please contact us. We will be happy to help.

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Forest School Gazebo - Hampshire

Castle Hill School chose our popular 5m octagonal gazebo for their outdoor classroom for forest school lessons.  Positioned in this little copse the natural timber construction looks like it was meant to be there.  The large overhangs ensuring additional weather protection to the pupils inside and the watertight roof protecting from rain.

The gazebo has our standard bitumen shingle roofing which has a manufacturers warranty of 15 years and provides a very high quality of rain proofing.  The structure is provided with balustrade to seven sides and fixed benching to retain the organised seating of a normal classroom, but outdoors.

The images show the detail of the inner ceiling which demonstrates the quality and shows excellent workmanship for this structure.  The large 450mm wide benches are ample for students and teachers alike and can accommodate a full class of pupils.

Nestled in the wooded area of the school, this Forest School Gazebo will bring many years of pleasure to the students of this school.

Forest School Gazebo, Hampshire

5m Octagonal Gazebo

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