4m Outdoor Classroom with extended Deck

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Square gazebo with extended Deck

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4m Outdoor Classroom, Russell House School

How we created this 4m Outdoor Classroom

Our client was looking for a gazebo which could double up as a stage area for the pupils outdoor performances.   The solution was to erect a 4m Square gazebo which has benching for up to 28 pupils on an extended deck.  By ensuring that the benches and balustrade were removable on the sides, the school have a large deck area of 6m x 5m with a fully watertight roof covering most of it.

This solution means that the school have a dual purpose outdoor classroom, suitable for both seated lessons and outdoor performances.

To make the standard 4m gazebo suitable, needed just a few minor adjustments.  The balustrade sections on the sides of the structure are removable and the benches are free standing.  This ensures that the entire 6m wide deck area can be used unhindered for outdoor performances.

When benches and balustrade are repositioned, the traditional outdoor classroom is available for classes in the usual way.

4m Outdoor Classroom