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The Play Store

These Play Storage sheds are just the place to keep everything safe when not in use.  Where you enjoy outdoor play  – there are lots of items of equipment which require a dry secure storage and our Play Store is the perfect solution.

We offer a single unit with a 7.7m2 area of storage or a double unit.  The double unit gives you the chance to separate out your storage into two distinct areas.  Each area has its own lockable door so you can keep 3.5m2 just for one activity such as the summer sports gear.  The other 5.4m2 area is for everything else!

The smaller play storage shed is made with 16mm log walls with a plexiglas vision/light panel at the front.   The double doors open to 138cm width to ensure easy access and removal of stored items.

The double unit is manufactured with 28mm wall logs to create a stronger unit.  There are no vision/light panels which is of benefit if security is an issue.   The single door opens to 78cm width and the double doors to 156cm width to ensure good access to both sections of the shed.

The play store is dip treated before delivery and the wall sections are ready made for easy erection.  A full installation service is available if required.

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